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Chibot Mk IX

Is this a bug or game feature? tips to spray your Artillery PGM like machine gun fire

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Well, it's a little bit of exaggeration. But one year ago if someone told me he could land 6 rounds of laser guided 152mm on 6 different targets in 20 min I would laugh at this idea.  



T+1 min:  UKR FO requested one round of 152mm PGM on the right most BTR. It will take 7 min to make 1st round PGM land on target.




T+6: Now here is the key.  5 min later,  when the art panel status changed to "Preparing", it is time to click "adjust fire". I called the fire on the left most BTR. Click confirm, then wait for 2 more min





T+8:  2 min later, the FO guided first round of 152mm PGM and it hit the right most BTR.  At the same time, the 2S19 Plt is preparing to fire on the left most BTR, which was targeted by adjust fire 2 min ago. Now it is time to adjust it again.       I adjusted the fire on to a MTLB



T+10, 2 min later. 2nd rnd PGM killed the left most BTR, arty plt is preparing to fire on the new target --- MTLB, and I click adjust fire again to call a new round onto a BMP......



I will repeat this procedure until the 2S19 plt expend all 6 rounds of PGM




T+20, all 6 rounds PGM expended, killed 6 different AFV targets.



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