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Rome to Victory Dealership Scenario

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R2V Axis & Allies vehicles, artillery and aircraft put together into a small test map. Select the Allies side.

- Vehicles were selected by using the equipment section of the R2V manual as a reference. There might be vehicles that aren´t exclusively for R2V or some might be missing

- I only found one Jpz38(t)/Hetzer version and couldn´t locate the Jpz IV (Late), it is mentioned in one of the formations but I wasn´t able to select it. Furthermore  I didn´t find the StuG IIIG (Latest), the StuH42 (Latest), and the FW-190D9 aircraft.

- might require the other FI modules

Video of the scenario:

The missing T34 Calliope artillery was added afterwards. I am running a modded setup so appearance might differ for you.

R2V Dealership.btt

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thank you aquila very usefull
this allowed me to see that the interior of the PzIV early is missing

no need to panic you have to take  in CMBN: "pz-ivj-interior(bmp)" and put it in z

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