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Hey i bought the game and nothing happend

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Typically you should have received and email with the license key and the download link. You may want to check any spam/junk mail folders in case the email was classified as such (it often is).

There are also license keys and download links within your Store account that gets created on the Battlefront website (separate from this forum account). You can access your store account at the main website ( https://www.battlefront.com ). Click the 'Login' button in the upper right of the screen and login with your email (you may need to reset your password if you don't know what it was when you placed the order). Once you've logged in the screen should default to a 'My Account' list in the center of the screen. Click on the 'My Orders' text/link and it should show you a list of your orders. Click on 'Order ID', 'Order Type' or the 'Click here to view' text next to the 'Current total' to view the order details. In the 'Order Content' section of the order there should be a download link for each item that you purchased and 'Activation Code(s)', which are the license keys. The download links do take you to another site to perform the download. Here you will need to checkmark the box next to the particular file that you will download and click the 'Download' button. There may be a selection of Mac and PC installers, so you'll have to read the file name by possibly hoovering over it with the mouse cursor to bring up the full filename. If there is a choice of files, you'll want the 'full installer' for your particular OS.

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