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I did a test on AXIS Sharpshooters I picked 5 of each experience , gave them 15 "shoots" each and put in an excellent position overlooking a kiill box

of 100-600 metres with two companies of smg infantry as targets , no cover for targets , no incoming fire. near perfect shooting conditions(summer dry still cool)

A shooting range basically. The Sharpshooters had a total of 450 "shoots".and they caused a total  of 133  casualties 30%

The 5 conscripts got 2 casualties for 75 "shoots"  2.6%

The 5 green got 13 casualties for 75 "shoots"   17%

The 5 regs  got 25 casualties for 75 "shoots"  33%

The 5  Vets got 29 casualties for 75 "shoots" 38%

The 5 crack got 34 casualties for 75 "shoots"  45%

The 5 elite got 30 casualties for 75 "shoots" 38%

Not very good is it , IN a battle whenever i check teh sharpshooters "info kills" after a battle they usually only have 1-3 hits. They seem only to be good for hitting unbuttoned vechile crews 

 The game seems to give them  some higher probability of a hit  bonus for this 

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Re elites

Probably just a statistically anomaly if I ran test a few times and got a bigger sample size , I assume it would be better than crack.

Unfortunately i won't be repeating test as  I deleted Cm2 as i was playing it too much.


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Also keep in mind, even thou this test is for ideal 'Combat Conditions' it's still 'Combat Conditions as far as CM is concerned (not Firing Range), and so the 'To Hit' numbers seem to be fairly accurate...If this was an actual 'Firing Range', then the 'To Hit' would be significantly higher.

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