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Odd German OOB finds

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While waiting for my opponent to do his turn, I'm looking around in the Quick Battle purchase screen, and I came across a couple of oddities.



In German Heer roster, infantry only tab, formations, some formations seem to be doublettes:

There are two "Fusilier Company", two "Fortress MG Battalion" and two "Panzerschreck Company". The contents seem exactly the same when expanding their roster in the editor. Points costs are also exactly the same. Haven't checked in-game if there are any differences.


Maybe wrong name for Fusilier Company?

When I click to expand the Fusilier Company, what I find there is that they don't actually contain Fusilier troops, but Sturm Squads and Heavy Sturm squads. They look exactly like mis-labeled Volksgrenadier companies. When I open up a Fusilier Battalion, I see that they contain Fusilier Companies where the troops are labeled as 'Fusilier'.



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