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I'm looking for the CMBN opponent

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Hi, I'm looking an opponent in CMBN. I can dedicate 2-3 hours each day during a working week and 6-12 hours on my weekend. 

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Hello Jacky, 

Nice to hear from you. I have 4.02 CMBN(CW) as well, so I can suggest a mirror game with usual conditions:

 -No prep arty on the attacker set up 10st 10 min. as usually.
-I prefer to dedicate my weekend(and afterwork evenings, after 20.00 UTC+2) to the series of moves as the mode where people do a 1-minute move in several days only, causes the fade to the game interest. Though If you are too busy for such intencive framework, no problem, I understand.    
Optional: you might consider the next conditions below as they make the game more realistic.
-We could play a mirror game(the same map for both- attacker/defender role).
-As an option, I might suggest minimum tanks(say not more than 3), as they dominate the map turning the game to the tanks battle only, though it's optional.
-We might restrict a number of veterans(say not more 1/3 veterans etc.).
-I use dropbox
- Let me know if you use CM Helper for a chat, I'll install it.
Could you please verify your email  j.meurisse@skynet.be, as my Google mail is unable to recognize it.
Looking forward to your reply.     

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