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CMFI v4 not starting after activation

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Hi guys,

just want to ask if somebody else had a similar problem like me, i´ve tried to update/upgrade CMFI from v1.20 to 2.00(engine4). The activation was accepted but the game didn´t start after that. Just another empty screen appeared which looked like the activation screen before, just empty. :( I've tried to upgrade it and installed also the whole new version 2.00 both of them have the same problem. I also own CMBN and CMBS where i had no problems to upgrade to engine 4.

Thanks for your help in advance



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You may want to make sure that your anti-virus/security software has an exception for your CMFI executable and/or directory. I'm not specifically aware of any anti-virus software interfering with CMFI, but it is a possibility.

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