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Hex! – A Dedicated Hub for Computer Wargames

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Hex! – A dedicated hub for computer wargames

On behalf of Hex! We would like to invite you to join our family of computer wargamers. If you enjoy playing computer wargames and are interested to find others just like you then you’re at the right place! Hex! has more than 500 active members and growing! We support almost every kind of computer wargames out there. Hex! is your one stop hub for everything computer wargames!
Here are some of the benefits by being a member on Hex!
  1. Find opponents across every type of computer wargame – we support over 50 different kind of wargames!
  2. Join or organize large MP games consisting of dozens of players!
  3. Share your AAR and discuss with other wargamers freak just like you!
  4. Dedicated staff working 24/7/365 for your needs!
  5. Influence the community – we are open to your suggestions!
  6. Wargame Monday - A day dedicated to playing wargames and sharing your experience
  7. Hex! has dedicated channels for 18 different languages!
  8. Freebies from promotional events!
  9. You may join us through Discord ====> https://discord.gg/yW2rfb 


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