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Another contentious topic: CMx2 vs Mius?

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1 hour ago, grungar said:

                  If you want a game that simulates "bandwidth" just check out hps's tigers unleashed. for those that know about it it actually works now. to explain how play unfolds is rather daunting but my experience is the command and control from the commanders perspective in that title is very challenging from the get go. It also simulates friction in a way that makes me understand what is meant by the term. Its to bad the title is only in 2d with rather drab maps. If you want a game that simulates the commanders viewpoint it might be worth 50 dollars for some to check it out.It is also heavily documented for those who love manuels. cheers

has huge potential yes. Making maps with say... SPWAW quality or somewhat better though is doable by use of different, customizable terrain sets (Maddox set from POA2 i.e). If one prefers one can also create maps that look like satellite images or WW2 topographical maps. One thing I miss is a campain system though. Could well be that it´s added at later time maybe.

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