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CMBN/CMFI/CMRT/CMFB v4 - Translucent Trees?

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(Sorry, I just rejoined the player community after a few years away.)

I found the translucent tree mod for CMBN, but was unable to find one for the other games.  Will it work for all four?  Are there game specific versions (v4) which I need?

Translucent Trees 2.0 By Rambler


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No.  I found mods for each game:


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Actually, I tried them out.

But in the end came to that conclusion.

Elsewhere, it was said that the beauty of CM is the WEGO/Movie.  I usually play with many things on.  But often watch the movies with much turned off.  As I have programmable game controls, I flip this with one key stroke.

I think being able to see into trees is more important in RT games where you don't have the above luxury.

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