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The scenario is Battlegroup Attacks! by George MC. (Thank you Sir!).

A mix mechanized Syrian and U.K. force face off in Syrian hilly terrain in a PBEM with myself as Red force.
A BMP-2  seizes the opportunity to take a pot shot at a Challenger 2 with it's AT-5 ATGM.

N.B. The only orders I gave to the BMP-2 were as follows;

1.  Reverse out of the Wadi around 20m to gain LoS.
2. Face towards blue Challenger contact.

Everything else is the TACai's automatic orders.





















Edited by Kuderian
Additional material.

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Nice screenies :)

Good to see this being played. One of the largest maps I made in CMSF. 

Hope you enjoying it? Looks a blast judging by the smoke on the horizon!

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