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Data Charts for CMBB/CMAK

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Hello All:

There used to be Excel files with data for all infantry, tanks, etc. Maybe Chris Hare did them? Anyone have them or know where one could find them?


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5 hours ago, KenMech said:

Here you GerryCMBB, I am pack rat and have a hard time deleting anything :)



CMBB xls.zip 269.9 kB · 0 downloads


I am glad you are a pack rat!

Would you have them for CMAK and CMBO too?

I am getting blank sheets by the way. When I select all and go to change to a black font I can see the data is there but when I actually change the font then it is a blank gray screen. I am using Excel 2019 so maybe a problem with old workbooks?

Thanks again.


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Do you think these data files might translate into the weapons used in  CM2? I mean like the penetration values and armor values from the vehicles in cm2.  I would like an idea of blast values on some artillery that can be purchased for H2H. I am confused sometimes on value of the same caliber arty ie:

Howitzer battery light  4x75mm FK38   cost 211

Canon battery                4x75mm FK297(r)  cost 511

 I imagine some of the cost is how scarce the equipment would be. For blast size and strength I have no clue between these two. Is one better than the other in different terrain?



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