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Bug Report - Seeking Cover Bug

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I remember hedgerows always had bits of problems for single infantrymen pathing, like that seperating from team/squad and the like. Maybe it´s from the nature of hedgerow terrain type  partitioning an AS for cover and movement purposes (very good cover, but no move through unless gapped). For some odd reasons panicking (or "evading") infantrymen seem considering the "enemy" side partition of a hedgerow as better cover than friendly side? :huh: The "evade" command is a nice testing tool when it comes to check on a threatened units likely retreat (evade) path. I frequently do such an "evade" move test (and delete again), just to be prepared for the likely worst to come. It also indicates the highest threat perception on enemy units right at this moment. Very oftenly a unit deciding to "evade" by TacAI decision does the same plot move command as when given manually in previous command phase(s).

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