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Back into and trying to win at "Platoon House"

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I played it 3 times with no luck as all of my guys are wiped out by the end of the scenario.  I have gotten better and have wiped out their tank and apcs but all that was left was my air controller.  BMP doesn't last no matter where I put him. 

Should I keep guys in the HMMVs so they can man the guns?  Seems like they are targets for artillery if I do.

Are the sandbags and ammo stockpile good for anything? (other than grabbing more ammo but my guys don't live longer than the ammo)

Should I sprint to the house near the base and try to ambush anyone moving towards the base?  

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@ctcharger, you don't need to keep (all) your guys through the shelling. You can get them to a safe place in the very beginning and keep approaches to the compound under fire from afar. Then it becomes a cake walk.

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