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Soviet Era WW2 Epic

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This was posted here before.  But, I only just got around to watching it.  (I think it may be part of a 3 movie epic like StarWars.) 

Features a cast of thousands with lost of WW2 era tanks and other equipment.  It's primarily about Operation Bagration, but also deal with the high level politics between Stalin, Churchill and FDR.  It also goes into the plot to kill Hitler by Stauffenberg et al.

Horribly mistimed subtitles, but I enjoyed the spectacle - it's in the vein of "The Longest Day", "A Bridge Too Far" and "Battle Of Britain" with what seems to be many cameos by presumably Soviet era stars etc.


I learned a lot - like apparently there was a huge contribution to the war effort by Byelorussian "artisans" who must have given their all to produce special cheese, bread and beer treats to the troops (I imagine).

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Ah, this looks like footage from „Die Befreiung“. I don‘t know the Russian title, but the German one would translate to „The Liberation“.

A series of five Russian movies from the 70‘s. Some were pretty good, others not so.

I just noted, there is a new HD version on Amazon. I only have the old DVD’s, which almost give you eye cancer. But if you are willing to take the risk: Quite worthwhile to see. Loads of original equipment and a refreshingly different view.

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