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Custom 3D Models and Mods Compilation

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12 hours ago, wgbn1968 said:


It should be easier to download here. In the first scenario, several times we went through the balcony directly to the second floor. If you download the same version of the Blender as the Aquila video, the plugin works without problems

I don´t have CMSF2 so can´t test your mission setup. But you say you could enter a building via balcony (2nd floor) directly from ground mesh? I know you can exit a building this way, if balcony is "leaning" on ground mesh. But other way round?

Yep, got the Blender plugin working. 😎 Still attempt figuring out object custom properties, which I think are crucial for any objects ingame functionality. I "see" some possible bounding- or hitboxes and maybe data that defines "armored" and not so armored areas. I think a window´s "alpha" data was already discovered by @sbobovyc but which Meta is it exactly? ATM doing some intensive testing with bunker.mdr Meta data and I see a number of differences in game. Though haven´t nailed any specific data yet.

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The shelter can be used in any game from the Combat Mission family. The height of the house floors in all games in the series is 2.6-2.7 m. The transition from the surface to the balcony of the second floor (or Vice versa) is unpredictable for a user. It may or may not happen. For some reason, the developers did not make the height of the floors of modular houses at least up to 3 m. And now very comically looks "Marder" looking in the window of the second floor. It has almost no tactical significance, but it hurts the eye.

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