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35mm KETF round, and artillery against tanks

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This was a comment made by a danish guy at Stealbeast Forum, about the 35mm KETF ABM round. When the Danes bought the CV9035.

"the keft round is very leathal. we had a coorperation with the dutch army on testing the ABM rounds, so the dutch army had a wrecked leopard 2 that we tested the munition on, and it dented/damaged the barrel enough to make it less usable or able to disable the main gun. along with all the vision blocks, GPS, commanders sights, but as a test against small vehicles or infantry and buildings. its just as leathal. and know taliban didnt like that abm round at least.."

I have no doubt, what he says. After Reading other posts from him. I´m for shure, thats he´s an army guy. And if tungsten splinters from a 35mm, can wipe out all externals on a Leopard 2. I asume, it is an old one like A4. What would 155mm AB do? Or direkt hits? Or Close to direct hits? 

Too bad, he didn´t mentioned the number of rounds needed though.

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