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Looking for opponents, all Combat Mission games.

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Good morning,

I want to start playing some Combat Mission scenarios again. I feel that I have recovered enough from my recent hospitalization to do so. I am bored to tears with reading, watching TV, playing solitaire (cards), posting on other social media sites, or napping. Time for me to saddle up and play some scenarios.

I have all of the Combat Mission games and all are patched to the current level.

I ask that any scenario that you play against me be kept in the small to medium sized arena. I prefer Quick Battles but will play stock scenarios or those developed by others.

My house rules, all games 1) No pre-plotted artillery barrages or air-strikes. 2) CMSF2 or CMBS; no UAVs and no night scenarios.

World War II scenarios. I prefer playing the Germans but will play the Allies too. I am not very interested in playing the Italians in CMFI/GL.

CMSF2 or CMBS: I prefer playing the United States/US Marines/NATO/British but will play the Russians/Syrians as well. I haven't tried playing the Insurgents in CMSF2 or the Ukrainians in CMBS, so I have no opinion or preference playing them.

My turn rate per week may not be quite as high as it was before my hospitalization, but it will still be at least four or five turns per week, maybe more. If you are interested, please send me a private message so that I can give you my Drop Box info.

So, bring it on. This old warhorse if ready to play.

I hope all of you are well


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Hi Chris,

i am looking for opponents, I have just got the full copy of cmbn, so looking to play a qb or scenario or two with that (small ones to start) . Also have sf2 . How about a market garden scenario? Happy to play allies. I’m a noob to this , never played h2h or PBEM in combat Mission. Will play to finish.



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