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Panzer Lehr

MAC Users CMFI and BN 2.01 and 2.02

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Mac user here (aka Panzer Lehr) I have been playing all CM game (Mostly WWII) since the very start of BF.

Here is what I have iMac mid 2011 model 16GB of RAM High Sierra.

I play lots of PBEM so I keep multiple installs since not all my gaming friends upgrade.

The following refer to engine 4 and the two upgrades

The Good - RT and FB all good 4.0 - .02 Open great shutdown great

The Bad - FI and BN 4.0 open slow close slow sometimes I have to force quit.  .01 upgrade worked played many a turn ... then they stopped! .02 full installs NEVER WORK.

What do I mean by don't work ... Game show up in DOCK minutes that feel like hours pass ... icon shuts down in DOCK ... I get no game screen at all ... watching RAM usage as this happens ... the apps bleed all the 15GB up.

https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/136663  - I tried this ... Nothing.

Ideas please

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