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Chibot Mk IX

IR Optics in CM

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At first I thought I should post this in CMSF2 forum, but later decided to put it here, CMBS does feature more technology staff.


One thing I do feel very confused is "IR Optics" subsystem description in CM.  the 1960's BMP-1 with active IR light does have IR Optics. The 1980's BTR-80 has IR Optics for it's active/passive IR scope and light intensifier. And super tank M1A2 has IR optics in the middle sub-tab. That is for the gunner's Thermal sight.  

I don't feel this kind of subsystem description is good enough for wargame geek like us. Technically all three sights mentioned above are engaging in Infrared light spectrum. But put the same description on subsystem list is just like pointing to an AK and 2S7 , saying they both are guns.....

 copy this from Wikipedia on IR

Near-infrared NIR, IR-A DIN 0.75–1.4 µm 214–400 THz 886–1653 meV 3,864–2,070 K
(3,591–1,797 °C)
Defined by water absorption,[clarification needed] and commonly used in fiber optic telecommunication because of low attenuation losses in the SiO2 glass (silica) medium. Image intensifiers are sensitive to this area of the spectrum; examples include night vision devices such as night vision goggles. Near-infrared spectroscopy is another common application.
Long-wavelength infrared LWIR, IR-C DIN 8–15 µm 20–37 THz 83–155 meV 362–193 K
(89 – −80 °C)
The "thermal imaging" region, in which sensors can obtain a completely passive image of objects only slightly higher in temperature than room temperature - for example, the human body - based on thermal emissions only and requiring no illumination such as the sun, moon, or infrared illuminator. This region is also called the "thermal infrared".

so the near-infrared and long wavelength infrared are related to land battle. The one above is for active/passive IR sensor, the one below is for Thermal Imaging.  the Thermal imaging is much more superior than the other IR sensor or starlight intensifier. TI can work both day and night, and it presents a great advantage, it can see through the smoke.


I just wondering if battlefront in the future can split IR optics into more detailed description. "IR sensor", "Thermal imaging" and "starlight intensifier" (well, the last one has nothing to do with IR)





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I made a testing scenario to check which AFV can see through smoke in CMBS  . if you are interested you can drag the scenario and save file below.


a brief description. the blue side has all kinds of Rus/UKR/USA AFV. At the turn one I dropped a wall of arty smoke on the map, based on CM's manual the Arty smoke is not IR-blocking.

Then I also made the BMPs made a screen of black smoke.   This is the turn 4, the next turn, some BTR will show up on the  other side of map. You can use target arc command, and see who can engage enemy target through smoke.

you can also issue target command through the smoke.



IR Optics.btt IR Optics Test Turn 5 Ready for battle.bts

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