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Looking for opponent for huge QB CMFB 2.01

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I would like to experiment a bit so bear with me.

First of all I would like to play a really huge QB with a large map cropped from mastermap. For the starters I am proposing a map cropped from the excellent stoumont mastermap with the terrain around La Gleize as the battlefield. It is a large and heavy map so only people with good hardware are wanted here (sorry!).

Next experimental bit: I have always found the QB point limits very restrictive, especially for the defender. There is just so little points to go around that you can't really sacrifice any for field fortifications which I think is one of the reasons why defender is usually heavily overmatched (at least in my experience) in QBs. So I am proposing following settings for the game:

HUGE Meeting Engagement - But the map and deployment zones are actually made with one side defending and already holding the objectives. This gives the defender nice 7140 points of which I propose that the defender must use at least 1400 points on field fortifications: bunkers, barbed wire, foxholes, trenches, hedgehogs but I would be inclined to ban mines altogether since it can be too easy to 100% block all avenues of approach in most maps. This way the defender is left with 7140-1400= 5740 for units/trps/arty etc just like he would have in HUGE probe (5732). Accordingly we will give the attacker +25% points to boost their points to 8900 points which is roughly equal to the points that the attacker would get in Huge Attack (8898).  This way we will attain the basic point balance of a huge probe/attack but give the defender some boost with extra points for them trenches and such. 

Loose rarity: just so we can have fancy stuff as well. 

2 Hour play time. 

We can either play as GER attacking vs US from the east with muddy ground and foggy weather in december or as US attacking vs GER from the west in snow conditions in January. 

Some houserules:

  • TRP's are ok for both sides (attacker has made some preliminary calculations/scouting for the arty) 
  • No defender prepanned artillery on turn 1 and no artillery on attackers deployment zone at any point unless it is in direct line of sight from the get go. I will make very clear "reserve" area for attackers deployment zone for this purpose that should be out of LOS. 
  • No Mines
  • Both sides must use at least 25% of the points for infantry formations - organic mortars, light vehicles and infantry guns etc count towards this for simplicity (we can bump this up if you want a more infantry heavy battle) 
  • Attacker must use at least 5% of the points for heavier artillery (100mm +) 
  • If you are buying bunkers you should only buy HMG and MMG bunkers for your HMG and MMG teams and place those teams inside them, otherwise we may have situations where we will have a infantry platoon with extra 10 HMG's and that's not what I am after here. We should stick to this anti cheese rule since there is no point difference between regular shelter bunkers and mg bunkers. (a bit of a oversight from BFC I think)

I am open for suggestions and wishes but this is the basic outline of what I am looking for here: Larger scale combined arms battle with some extra "dig in factor" for the defender. 

I am using dropbox and CMhelper.

PM me if interested. 






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Sorry  - only just saw this - Id be keen - played Huge CMBS game against you so hopefully Im reliable :)

Actually Ive been thinking extra points for field fortiifcations would be a good idea.

If your worried about to many mines blocking of all AA, then just say 50% of def allocation is towards mines or 30% thus allowing a variety of field defenses

Also if Allies are attacking less need potentially for mine restrictions - as in theory they should be bring sherman flails etc for armoured breaching....(Im assuming these are in CMFB???? )

Although I havent seen the map usually Id say give the attacker at least a 2:1 advantage - if its a real good def terrain then 3:1.

Also good test - by a bn of infnatry for the defender, 2 for the attacker and **** loads of arty. Do a hot seat game - fire it up give say a 4 wp movment order for all forces on both sides and drop a bucket load of arty in the frist turn - if that doesnt break the game then all good to proceed....




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