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Churchill AVRE's vulnerable to small arms fire

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Played two battles with the Churchill AVRE, one was a PBEM and the other against the AI.

In both battles the AVRE has taken Penetration hits from small arms fire. More recently I had a casualty with no Penetration.

Closer examination shows that the tank is not always completely buttoned up when it should be. Strangely the bow machine gunner opens a hatch above his head and is exposed when you look down on the in-game tank model. He is then killed by small arms fire without a Penetrating hit. The tank reverses and the hatch opens again, another crewman man has taken his place.

WOD? Yes, it seems to be. 

According to this video, the hatch needs to be opened up to load the mortar on the turret: https://youtu.be/fwCgEn48Bn8?t=55



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