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Wow, Rocketman, what a treasure trove! They have a ton of very good maps. Enough to keep me busy for ages. Thank you very much for the link, I have been looking for something like this for ever.

I am bogged down trying to complete a scenario on a fictional map supposed to be happening in Abbruzzo, in January 1944. As it involves German Paras I am waiting for the fix to the German Para uniform bug. I must have started 30 scenarios but this one has progressed the furthest, I am busy testing different AI plans, it took me ages to learn to make them and testing them is very time consuming, plus it involves iterations as when playing them through one realises mistakes in dispositions or opportunities for better moves. This process itself can be a lot of fun.

From the Leonforte map it looks as though I might have to start again from scratch. I was using Google maps, but it looks as though the place has changed a lot more than I imagined. I also need to think through how much of the village to reproduce. I need to go back to the actual accounts of the battle as I seem to recall most of the fighting occurred inside the village.

I would be really grateful for any help in terms of working with an overlay. Last time I tried I made a total hash of it, I just could not get my head around it.

I probably will post some of my maps when I am satisfied with them, but I feel I need to improve first. 


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Overlays are not that hard to use and they can speed up your mapping so much.

In Google Earth, either use the path or the polygon tool to draw a rectangle around the area of the map you have selected. If using the polygonal tool, lower the opacity by going into the style/colour tab of the tool properties. You need to make sure the lines are more or less straight. Use the U shortcut to reset the tilt of the view, so you're looking straight down.

Before you do that though, it can be useful to rotate the map in order to get the main roads aligned properly so they're at the right angle for the CM editor.

You might want to hide the tool bar at the top of Google Earth and go into full screen in order to have a slightly bigger overlay. Zoom in as much as possible on the selected area.

Take a screen capture by hitting print screen on your keyboard.

Then you need to use a graphic program, I bet even paint will do, to paste and crop the image you have saved in the previous step and which is now in your clipboard. Crop it so there is only the selected area left i.e inside the rectangle or frame.

Save it as a bmp named "special editor overlay". Then copy it in your my documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission/Shock Force 2/User Data

You need to relaunch the game. Now in the editor, create a new map with the same dimensions as the area inside the rectangle. And toggle the different levels of transparency with the O shortcut.

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