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Sgt.Squarehead's CM:SF2 Stuff

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I think I've finally finished converting LJF-Huge Rural to CM:SF2.....9km2 (3km x 3km) of sparsely settled rough and arid terrain for you to cheerfully blow to oblivion!  :D

This is only a conversion of an existing map, so the vast bulk of the credit for this map lies with the original designer.....If anyone could let me know who that actually was, I'd be very grateful?

Anyhow.....I've added a real river, two road and one rail bridges (& thus also, a railway line, obviously).  I've also tried to use a few of the new terrain types here & there to add a bit more variety to what was already an outstanding map:

Blank Map (No AI, No Setup Zones, No Objectives, No Labels.....Nothing!):

https://www.dropbox.com/s/cp1dib3sdqq7op8/[Map] Huge Arid Valley.btt?dl=0

Blank Map labelled as Mtope River Valley (A completely fictional area somewhere in the vastness of the African Sahel.....Allegedly home to radical Salamist militants and the jihadists of Al Kebab.  :ph34r:):

https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9uol3jzs9xvvjz/[Map] Mtope Valley.btt?dl=0

Here's a few 'postcards' from some of the valley's bigger settlements:





& one showing a couple of the bridges:


The approach to the bridges isn't as perfect as I'd ideally like, AFAIK because of the slightly elevated island I've placed in the river.....If this bothers you, lowering the islands to water level under the bridges or removing them entirely should sort it out (I do have my reasons for doing it this way).  :ph34r:

Finally.....Have a small bog:


Mostly because I'm just too frazzled after doing all this to come up with anything more imaginative !  :blink:

As ever feel free to use or modify this map in any way that pleases you.....I'm kind of glad to see the back of it TBH!  ;)

Next up.....Bishr (Redux).  :rolleyes:


Edited by Sgt.Squarehead

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