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I think I've finally finished converting LJF-Huge Rural to CM:SF2.....9km2 (3km x 3km) of sparsely settled rough and arid terrain for you to cheerfully blow to oblivion!  :D

This is only a conversion of an existing map, so the vast bulk of the credit for this map lies with the original designer.....If anyone could let me know who that actually was, I'd be very grateful?

Anyhow.....I've added a real river, two road and one rail bridges (& thus also, a railway line, obviously).  I've also tried to use a few of the new terrain types here & there to add a bit more variety to what was already an outstanding map:

Blank Map (No AI, No Setup Zones, No Objectives, No Labels.....Nothing!):

https://www.dropbox.com/s/cp1dib3sdqq7op8/[Map] Huge Arid Valley.btt?dl=0

Blank Map labelled as Mtope River Valley (A completely fictional area somewhere in the vastness of the African Sahel.....Allegedly home to radical Salamist militants and the jihadists of Al Kebab.  :ph34r:):

https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9uol3jzs9xvvjz/[Map] Mtope Valley.btt?dl=0

Here's a few 'postcards' from some of the valley's bigger settlements:





& one showing a couple of the bridges:


The approach to the bridges isn't as perfect as I'd ideally like, AFAIK because of the slightly elevated island I've placed in the river.....If this bothers you, lowering the islands to water level under the bridges or removing them entirely should sort it out (I do have my reasons for doing it this way).  :ph34r:

Finally.....Have a small bog:


Mostly because I'm just too frazzled after doing all this to come up with anything more imaginative !  :blink:

As ever feel free to use or modify this map in any way that pleases you.....I'm kind of glad to see the back of it TBH!  ;)

Next up.....Bishr (Redux).  :rolleyes:


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On pretty much the opposite end of the spectrum, both in terms of scale and urbanisation, I've blanked the map section that I extracted from @LongLeftFlank's Ramadi map and adapted for use as Hayy El Karamah in 'Ashsh al-Dababir' (In preparation for a full CM:SF2 rebuild.  :ph34r:):


It's only 320m x 320m but it's quite a challenge.  ;)

If you would like to experiment with it, you can find it (completely blank map, no AI, no Setup Zones, no Objectives, nothing) here:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/h6yxl7036jzz9on/[Map] The Hornets' Nest.btt?dl=0

All credit for this one goes to @LongLeftFlank, I only sliced it out of his original and tweaked it to my own purposes (although it was a fairly major tweak by the end).  B)

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Hornets' Nest indeed. The defender has free choice of ~140 individual compounds (read: ready made fortresses and death traps) that BLUE can't safely neutralize with ranged firepower, or even spot, unless he first enters them with squishies.

Clearing a district this size IRL will take 5-10 days and bleed whole battalions white. In CM you can do it in an (intense and harrowing) sitting, but you need to assume lengthy (sometimes night long) pauses 'off the clock.'

Bring shaped charges and grenades, infidel dogs! And plenty of water. And blood plasma.

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I'm sure I've seen these before, but I can't currently find any guidelines for expected forces/clearance time in complex environments - do you have a link to any?

MOUT is certainly a challenge, and something that CMSF does uniquely well in the CM lineup. There are still some issues with the representation, and obviously anything on the scale of actual room clearing is out, but for the most part the tactical situation seems to match well to the manuals.

The above looks horrendous, which is great.

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Another chunk of Mosul (formerly Ramadi) for all your MOUT needs:


A little bigger than its predecessor, at 400m x 400m.....Equally challenging.  ;)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/44fget6wogyrxju/[Map] The Crusher.btt?dl=0

Kudos once again to @LongLeftFlank, this area was once the eastern cemetery in Ramadi, it's also the 'River of Martyrs' in @MOS:96B2P's awesome Coup D'Etat, which I found very appropriate indeed.....You'll see why when you try the scenario I wrote on it!  :ph34r:

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With my map-making excursion to Asia completed for a while, I've finally got back to work on Bishr.....The techniques I learned making the Delta map are already proving their broader usefulness, I reckon this marsh:


Looks a lot more realistic than this earlier effort (at the same area):


No mods, I just used different terrain tiles.  B)


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Posted (edited)

Little more:


Reckon I can call that bit of the terrain done (the river extends the full width of the map, over 2km):


Next up is adding some random rocky outcrops to break up the very featureless desert slightly here & there.....CM:SF2 has a much better toolset for mapping than its predecessor, it's a joy to work with by comparison.  B)

It's a shame so much of this map is either sand or heavy rocks, it means I can't use the various 'Rubble Tags'.  Once the main map's done I may make a (massively) cut down version featuring a bashed up variant of the urban area, using those tags.  TBH that one could be quite a while down the road, I've got 9km2 of desert to deal with first!  :rolleyes:

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Nice, I missed these the first time around. As far as rubble is concerned, can't you just make a copy of the rubble tile, rename it by picking a ground tile you are not using for the terrain, add a modtag to it, say [ruin] or something and include it with the download?

edit : okay if Battlefront picked heavy rocks to turn into rubble, it is probably for a reason. Heavy rocks must offer some sort of micro cover. So depending on what tile you pick to replace it, the change would only be cosmetic.

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Posted (edited)

It's not an enormous issue TBH.....The 'Heavy Rocks' & 'Sand' tiles are very common on the wider desert map, but not so frequently found in the city itself. 

Once it's been trimmed down to the urban area (which is a tiny portion of the overall map), I can smash it up a bit and use the rubble tags as normal.....Two maps for the price of one!  B)

3 hours ago, Erwin said:

Very good looking marsh!  Well done.

I can never tell when you are serious.....But on a purely technical note, I'm rather pleased with it; it's almost as impassable to vehicles as the marsh it replaces (I used Heavy Forest tiles to restrict movement) and it does blend in with the rest of the environment rather better, don't you think?  ;)

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The special thing about the 'rubble' tagged art is it over-writes a terrain tile *that is impassible to vehicles*. So you can't simply assign rubble to replace green grass, for example, because you'd lose the vehicle blocking that you want from rubble.

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