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Please bring back the A-10C

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To the developers of this fine simulation of modern small unit warfare. Please bring back the A-10C. I realize that at the time the game was being developed that there was a question whether the A-10 would continue to be used in the CAS role. Now that Congress has appropriated the funds (in 2017) to maintain the A-10C until the mid to late 2020s, it should be returned to the CMBS fold. Oh, and if you do...please give it a good BRRRRRRRRRRRR sound. Nothing like the sound of a GAU-30 ripping off some rounds.

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11 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Sadly the sound of Tor-M & Pantsir-S whooshing (& the sound of 2A38Ms ripping off some rounds) would rather drown it out.....CM:BS is not the Fulda Gap in the 1980s!  :rolleyes:

And I am not asking for a Fulda Gap in the 1980s type game from Battlefront because I know it probably won't ever happen. CMBS is a representation of a fictional confrontation between the United States (Ukraine) vs. Russia using the weapon systems that were available at the time the game was produced and the A-10C was seeing action in Afghanistan and Syria at that time against ISIS. So, it should be reintroduced. Now if you are talking about the Ukrainians against the Russians, then I guess you could call it a "historical" game. Otherwise, this is a game representing a "what if" situation between the United States and Russia. And as for the sound of the GAU-30 ripping off some rounds drowning out the other sounds, that is the case in real life. I have heard that sound in real-life and it gets your attention very quickly.

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