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Moire Removal - Worghern Mod

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 For anyone playing CMFB who has been seeing the awful mess the moire patterns make, I've come across a mod made
by "Worghern" which removes it. I reccomend that you first fire up "Battle For Chaumant Part 1" before trying the mod out in CMFB to get an
idea of just how awful the moire effect was in that particular scenario.

  The download for the mod can be found here:

  Once downloaded and unzipped, it'll make a "Z" folder with everything contained in the mod within that. I renamed the resultant "Z" folder
to "ZZ_Warghorn CMFB" and just placed it into my main CMFB installation folder within  the DATA\Z subfolders and it works
very nicely.

Regards, Odd


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