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Morale observation under 4.01

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19:00 light fire is exchanged...


18:42 enemy position


18:41 team surrenders


18:02 bounding team combines


17:24 quickly recovering state


16:51 fully recovered


16:51 enemy position now vulnerable


16:00 detached to continue bounding flanking maneuver which Panic them


15:59 they recover to a Cautious state


15:02 the other team involved in the split will stay Rattled


Really enjoyed working this problem out and seeing it resolve as expected. I thank @Josey Wales post on soft factors and the many responses from others it solicited. This community has the benefit of excellent contributors.

The squad showcased above is Green and split into teams in order to flank the right in a series bounding moves with some element providing over watch. They were out of contact with their PL yet managed to complete their task. I moved an element so that both would recombine. Once recovered, I split them again and couldn't shake the rattled state (consistent with expectation) from one team while the other two teams were able to act as cautious).


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@Howler thanks, this is a good example of one of those times when having squads or sections split all the time may not be the most beneficial setup for the situation.

By recombining the 2 detachments you averaged out their morale states which allowed the unit to stay in the fight and prevent this flank from failing. 

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