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Whats up everyone, I have spent a lot of time playing Combat Mission in my life. Most of my time has been playing against AI opponents as I have barely any friends to play this game with.

If you are interested in taking me up in a quick battle or battle in Combat Mission I would love to play by email. I have the following games:

  • Shock Force 2 + Marines
  • Battle Normandy + All modules
  • Black Sea
  • Final Blitz

I'm excited to dive into some new game play in any of these games!😁

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Whats your interest level on uncons vs convnetional type matchups (CMSF2)???

Im keen to get some more of these QB type games going and see how for they can be taken in terms of a competitive QB matchups....

However - I only do Huge and Large Games - not into anything smaller....





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