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New Afghanistan inspired campaign: Valleys of Death

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It's all well deserved.  You did a fantastic job!

I've been following the Vietnam mod with great interest.  I will look forward to seeing what magic you can put together for that campaign.

Thanks for all your dedication and hard work.  It really shows!


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I had great fun with this campaign. Every single mission offered up, at least a handful, of those moments of tension that keeps me coming back to Combat Mission. Some missions seemed droll at first glance, but they all ended up offering great and immersive experiences. To top it all off, it all feels very grounded and realistic.

The campaign also manages very well to tell a story. I think having all but two missions play out on the same map helps greatly with that. Strangely enough, watching pixeltruppen crest a ridge, becomes more interesting when that ridge has been crested before. When there's occassion for me to project my own memories of casualties inflicted by the enemy onto my pixellated platoons.

Thanks for letting us play! I hope you got as much enjoyment out of making this campaign as I got from playing it.

Spoiler follows, highlight to read: That RPG in the epilogue mission was a great touch.

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Fixing the spoiler marking, etc.

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