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Modern Army Company level support vehicles

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It's been over 40 years since I've been in the US Army where I was in the Fire Direction Center of a self propelled heavy artillery battery. The Battery Commander and XO had their owns jeeps. Each gun had it's own tracked ammo carrier. There were also two trucks assigned to carry ammo back and forth to any supply dump. Vehicle maintenance had two trucks, plus there was a chow truck and two "Gamma Goat" six wheel vehicles, one for the commo people and one as a back up FDC and operations center. Medics were a battalion level asset and rarely moved with us on maneuvers. The battalion also had one heavy and one light armor recovery vehicles. Occasionally  a radio/teletype Gama Goat (commonly called a Rat Rig) from the battalion level moved with us. There was an entire Service Battery (mostly maintenance) along with the HQ Battery. Every unit in the Artillery was called a battery even if it had no artillery pieces.

In a Tank or Armored Infantry Battalion both then and now I'm sure there would be many more armor recovery vehicles. Any one want to share what vehicles modern companies now have beside the combat vehicles which we can just look at Shock Force or Black Sea editors to see? No need to limit this to just the US Army or exactly modern day.


PS No I have no need for these support vehicles to be in the game. :) I'm just curious.


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