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is it just me or is cmfb freakin hard

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1 hour ago, MikeyD said:

This will be a gross over-generalization, but CMFB is different from the other titles in that the bulk of the time Americans are on the defensive against a concerted armor thrust with superior firepower. In CMBN, CMFI, CMSF, CMRT, the allies are (primarily) the ones attacking. Americans in CMFB are in the same position as the Syrians in CMSF.

Yep, I forgot to mention the very different strategic situation.

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Ruh roh, I'm only now getting around to trying FB. Went out and snatched up all the pretty mods I could find. Gonna do the install tonight and kick the tires, she what's she got.

I find the RT, BN, FI, AI a pretty decent opponent most times. I guess I'm in for a learning curve here with FB. :unsure:

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