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It seems an old bug may have reared it's ugly head once again.


Where is Stiles going?


I had an infantry squad, a machinegun team, and an engineer team move up along a tall wall.

The engineers were given a blast order, and both the infantry squad and mg team were given pause commands on their destination waypoints sufficient to allow the breach to occur. Then I added a movement waypoint towards a nearby building leading (hopefully) through the recently blasted section of wall.


The engineers blasted the wall, and moved aside, meanwhile, the infantry squad arrived at their waypoint, paused for 20 seconds, then moved through the blasted section like normal. The mg team arrived at their destination waypoint, and the team leader immediately ran through the un-blasted wall, and took off running across the airfield.

Video below:


Save file is here, saved during the replay phase:



Upon reloading my pre-turn save, the mg team leader did not run away as before, however two members of the infantry squad decided not to move:


I hope this helps.

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Having one or two guys isolated is common when you have waypoints placed like you have.  Non-precise placement of waypoints in situations like these confuses the AI pathing.  Try putting waypoints exactly where the blasted hole will be, and all troops will act properly.  

One will see the same problem with widely spaced waypoints near impassible terrain that can only be crossed at certain points.

In all these cases one has to order the main formation back to the stragglers and then make precise waypoints so they all move off together.

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You sir, are a brave man. The pathfinding being what it is - I would have placed the waypoint where you intended the breach to be and another one AS on the other side of the breach to encourage the guys to follow intentions.

Would you be able to place the waypoint where your breach team is located and another one AS north to see if that fixes things?

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6 hours ago, General Jack Ripper said:

I am well aware of the potential workarounds. My intention is to report erroneous behavior.

Thanks Ripper.  I know this is a tough one as it never seems to completely go away.  Thanks for the save

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