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The history of the anti-tank missile

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8 hours ago, SlowMotion said:

One of the things I learnt from that video was how succesfully Egyptians used their missiles against Israel's tanks.

Funny part was when I was watching them put them together I was thinking that looks like I toy I would've got for Christmas in 1974.



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I guess anti tank missiles were a new, surprising thing tactically back then. Israel wasn't prepared for something like that.

Now, some decades later missiles are so good that tankers know to be careful even if their opponent doesn't have any tanks.

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Something most people don't know is that when the IDF's 190th Tank Brigade (pure, tanks only) famously got slaughtered by a deluge of AT-3/SAGGER or Malyutka and RPG-7  fire, it was facing twice the normal weapon quantities. Why? The Egyptians stripped those weapons out of the second echelon Army still on Egypt's side of the Suez Canal, doubling the AT firepower of the Army already crossing. Also, the IDF first encountered Russian ATGMs in the 1967 War in the form of the AT-1/SNAPPER or Shmel.


The SAGGER first saw action in the Vietnam War on April 23, 1972, a year before the Yom Kippur War.



John Kettler

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