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Chibot Mk IX

Operating your IFV/APC under the threat of Javelin

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IIRC, EW is not featured in TOC - at least I don't recall it in the versions I tested...  MOS can tell you for sure.

Post AAR re how you do in the scenario...  :ph34r:

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4 hours ago, Vet 0369 said:

Oh yeah!!!, I just checked it out on the Few Good Men Scenario Depot, and it looks amazing. I will have to download and play it. Is EW enabled? That could interfere with receiving video from a drone.

The scenario TOC has EW set to none, in part, because of the UAVs.  Below is a link to a forum thread about the scenario.  I don't think there is much in the way of spoilers in the thread since a lot depends on your command decisions, which are based on your interpretation of the intelligence feed and if/when you hit a trigger.  Just the general sandbox nature of the scenario can make it play differently for different people.



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