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WW2 Era briefing format?

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Hey there,

pretty familiar with the NATO's OSMEALQ order format, I was wondering how things were done during WW2, especially by Italians, Germans and Commonwealth soldiers.

Would anybody have resources on that matter?


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Equivalent to Situation in SMEAC format


Broadly equivalent to Mission in SMEAC format


Equivalent to Execution in SMEAC format


Same as Administration in SMEAC format


Equivalent to Command & Signals in SMEAC format

Example towards the bottom of the link here:


Some stuff about the planning processes of the US, Germans and Red Army here:


Similar on the US modern approach and the German WW2 approach with the outline headings here:


Somebody will probably be able to dig up a better German example but I couldn't find one in a hurry.

Italians - no idea but the general trend for these things is pretty much the same across the piece.

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1 hour ago, CMFDR said:

Thanks a lot Combatintman, kudos on the piece of art of yours humbly named "Planning tutorial" by the way.

No worries, thanks and I hope you got something from it because that was the reason for doing it. It was a much bigger project than I thought it would be. I think I spent about four months putting it all together. 😲

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If you´re patient enough digging through all those materials, you can find quite a lot original captured german orders sheets here (assuming you can read and understand german) :


just remembered the "German Tactical Doctrine" PDF has a few examples on german orders in the appendix:


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To illustrate Combatintman's answer above, here's an excerpt from the Canadian wartime manual "Infantry Training, Part I: The Infantry Battalion (Ottawa, H.M. Stationery Office, 1944)."




And even more! Company Commander's verbal orders in various tactical situations. 


Orders for machine gun units | Wartime Canada

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Great resource, thanks! B) Just downloading this and other quite interesting PDF´s from the list. Well supplementing my collection of similar US and German FM´s from other sources.


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