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Thank you BFC

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Yesterday i wrote to BFC support if i could upgrade my Paradox boxed copy of CMSF 1 to CMSF 2. Problem was i purchased it years ago so i don't have any proof of purchase anymore. But I also bought two modules directly from BFC. I provided order no. of those purchases and today i received a new licence no. for CMSF 1. BFC assumed that since i bought two modules, i must have also purchased the base game, even if there's no way to verify that.

That is what i call an exemplary customer support.

Thank you!

Now, off to the store to get me a CMSF 2šŸ˜

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Posted (edited)

Your Welcome !...Now, Just makeĀ sure to post yourĀ 'Jane's Defense News' here on a periodical basis as a Thank You to BF :-)..I hear it's theĀ Chinese turn forĀ being up to no good :-[

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