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CM2 finally runs under Linux with Wine

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As a Linux user I sometimes look through WineHQ for capabilities of running some Windows stuff in my favourite OS. Last week I've found that there is a Wine patch that enable run CM2. It seems that it passed unnoticed, so I'm writing it here.

So far, I've tested demo versions of CMRT, CMFI and CMBS and on my 8-year-old laptop (Linux Mint 19, Wine 3.20) they all run without any issues.

The question is: how it looks with full versions? I'd like to know that they work before purchasing. If there are another Linux users (who don't want to dual-boot anymore) I would appreciate for sharing the results of the tests.



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Any update on this? Is it working with Wine? Can anyone point me in the right direction how to get it to work? Ideally, I could help put together a lutris install script for all CM games..

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