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War RaVeN

New password or resetting it not possible...

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Hi all,

Apparently, according to the info, I have to reset my password at battlefront.com/store.
But that does not work? Do not recognize my e-mail address?
Strangely, my last log was on 18 March 2018.

So some help with this, thanks.
Kind regards,

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35 minutes ago, IanL said:

That's a job for support. I recommend opening a support ticket.

Thx IanL for your answer back... but info on the site says 

"Reporting Problems

If you should find a technical issue with the website in general or the store specifically, head on over to the general Tech Support Forum and let us know."

Also I have sometimes the problem to type or copy & paste the last letter of my mail address... strange behaviour or technical?

For sure I start here ;)

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Well that's wrong. The descriiption of the technical support forum says:

" This is a "self-help" community for technical support for all CM2 games. To request support from our staff, please go to the Help Desk and click on Submit Ticket. "

The above reflects the reality of this forum. Sometimes support people see things here and help but mostly fellow users chime in with advice. But we never have much helpful to say when you have problems with account stuff.

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