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CMSF2 Crashes with Quick Battles

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Hi Folks!

I love CMSF2! Many thanks to all at BF for creating such a splendid game!

I have CMSF2 with no add-ons and experience crashes with Quick Battles every time I set the "Unit Purchase" to "automatic" regardless of what "combat force" is chosen for either army.

Once OK is clicked the PC sits there for a while looking busy but nothing ever happens and eventually a crash occurs with no message - the program just closes.

This feels a lot like what happened when certain combinations were chosen with CM Battle for Normandy - as I recall it was because sometimes things (vehicles I think) were being chosen "automatically" that were not installed and that crashed the program.

But in this case in CMSF2 the error occurs every time for me.

Is anyone else getting this result?

Any fixes created?

Any help appreciated!

- Jeff 

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Somewhat related but not I wanted to chime in that were still having horrible “player has suddenly disconnected”issues almost every time with the quick battle unit purchase.  It seems this wasn’t fully vetted for single player or multiplayer before release. 

Hoping that it’s something addressed in the first patch that we get some news on it soon.

New person hosting doesn’t fix it, using hamachi doesn’t, no connection issues with other games, and map size unrelated.   Installing it on totally different computers didn’t help and using a new internet connection still same result.  

Thoroughly frustrating to have this broken on the same base engine that’s been out for years?  I know the fans will unite that they’re working hard and it’s unreasonable to criticize the developer, but pretty unnacceptable to have a niche game with this price point have a fundamentally broken feature. 



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Thanks for the feedback folks!

I am glad this is something others have seen and is being looked into.


>> QB crashes vary depending on which modules you own. This should be fixed in the forthcoming patch.

Excellent! Can you tell me - is there a place I can join an existing discussion on this to contribute my test results?


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