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A primer on WWII commo tech

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Moderators, this is a general WWII interest piece. If it is not allowed, by all means let me know. 

With CM being as much of a simulation it is, many players and scenario designers probably have an interest in the nuts and bolts of the tactics, technology, and equipment in use during WWII. 

It took a long time for me to grasp the different ways in which combat units, especially infantry, communicated. Although there is a wealth of info the basics are lost in the pile of highly technical. 

I wrote up a bit of a primer for the US Army infantry commo tech and methods here:


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Awesome! I’m glad it’s been found useful. Starting out trying to learn WWII on a deeper level had me tripped up a more than a few times over the basics. Figured I’d share what I’ve found and learned. 

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