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Sand T-72's

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This is my attempt to create a sand colored T-72 skin. I think they came out well enough to publish. The skin pack applies to all T-72 variants in game. The skin itself is loosely based on pictures of Iraqi armor from the 1991 Gulf War. I liked how the Iraqi tanks tended to look very desaturated and thought they would fit well with the Syrians.

I certainly consider myself an amateur at modding in general, and especially at doing vehicle skins, so any helpful suggestions are welcome. Additionally, if anyone has some suggestions for icons/markings to add in a future iteration please let me know. I've messed around with a few ideas but didn't end up with anything I was satisfied with. 




T-72M (Gills)

Link to download at The Few Good Men:

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And I think, you are right. With some markings it would look even better.

With a quick search I didn't found anything what I can recommend...I simply don't understand what these arabic signs (Letters? Numbers?) on the tanks mean, which you can see sometimes on pictures.


But maybe it would possible to put these red triangels on the both T72-TURM-variants and the T-90 (if they have unique textures (turrets?))...the republican guard should be the only branch which get these types... 

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Thanks for the feedback!

I've made a few mockup turrets that have numbering stenciled on the side, as well as a red triangle, but they don't quite seem to fit to my eye. There is also an issue of image wrapping around the turret that I think has something to do with how the skin is applied over the model. So it makes putting any kind of icon on the rounded parts of the turret very difficult. 

As to the red triangle only being on Republican Guard tanks, this can only be partly accomplished. Early T-72 variants share their own turret texture separate from later T-72 variants, though both the regular and Republican Guard T-72AV share the same turret texture, so there wouldn't be a way to make the red triangle exclusive outside of mod tagging and selective use in a scenario. At least that is my current understanding. 

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