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Strange Pathfinding

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As I have been gearing up for Shock Force 2, I have been playing the demo and Black Sea.  During the last couple of games I have played, I have noticed some really odd infantry pathfinding.  I played the Assault in Wilcox In the Shock Force 2 demo and noticed that when I used my engineers to blast into the water pump station, they would always pile up on the blindside (as usual), but after the blast, take different routes to the interior.  Sometimes they would all go in through the backside, but sometimes the guys would run around the sides of the building and get killed by the infantry hiding in the foxholes.

While playing Crossed Gauntlets, I had a squad move to a breach in a wall I created, then assault into a building.  Half moved to the breach and the other half ran back to the street and proceeded to run along the street parallel to the waypoint.  Needless to say, the rest of the squad followed and all were killed running down the middle of the street.  Another odd thing was having my HQ element move to the large 3 story building near the start.  I gave quick move orders for them to start behind the wall, move along the wall to the front, enter on the 1st floor, then go to the roof.  All made it to the initial wall start point, but only one guy followed the rest of the movement commands.  After he reached the roof, he ran back down, through all the buildings, ran through the wall, and rejoined the other two guys that did not move at all.  I did this twice before giving smaller movement commands.  I saved the mission at this point thinking it must be a bug.

During my last couple of games with Black Sea, sometimes I will put out waypoints, in a grassy field near a road, but the vehicles swing out to follow the road instead of the direct path I laid out.

Has anyone else noticed something like this?  Is it a bug?  Has it been addressed?  Is there something I can do to fix it?

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