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Bil Hardenberger

CMBN Modern Style Floating Icon Mod

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41 minutes ago, Bil Hardenberger said:

If you try it out, any feedback would be appreciated. 

I've been using your CMSF2 floating icon mod.  I was hoping you might expand it into the other titles :).  These are far superior to the vanilla floating icons that come with the game.  I will also download your CMBN military symbology and give them a try.  Thanks for the time and effort this took. +1  

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These look great! Personally I prefer your WWII specific icons for the WWII titles. I like to keep my era's of warfare compartmentalized. However, the US markings in this look really good. I might try combining these friendly US markers with your WWII specific OpFor markers.

My absurd personal preferences aside, I'm glad to see you putting out more stuff and hope you continue. Great stuff!

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