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Captain Reyes

CMA video playthrough - Soviet and DRA Forces engange Mujahideen in the Mountains

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This is a playthrough of the last mission of the custom campaign "Competent Incompetence". I am almost only utilizing the interface for issuing orders (except for mandatory hotkeys like SHIFT+"Target Arc") so this is also suitable as a learning resource for new players to get an idea how one possible approach CMA or Combat Mission overall.

Some of the highlights: a SU-25 unleashing hell upon Mujahideen positions:




Have fun!

Thanks by the way for mentioning the Incompetent Competence custom campaign in one of my threads, I really enjoyed the campaign as it provided awesome maps and it comes with a not too strict time limit promoting caution and utilizing all of your resources.

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I enjoyed playing it and won every mission in the campaign.  But be aware that there are different branching missions if one loses missions - and those extra missions are a lot of fun as well.  I recommend that you try and lose missions and get to the "Final Stand" mission (which if you lose ends the campaign). 

Fighting back to victory from that Final Stand mission is like playing a new campaign.  :)


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