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Bud Backer

CMRT install - activation shortcut does nothing

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I’m trying to activate CMRT from a fresh install. Downloaded the big bundle and it installed fine. The 3.01 activation code worked fine. But I can’t get the activation window to show up to input the 4.0 activation code.

the activation “shortcut” just opens as a text file. 


This is on MacOS. 

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You will probably need to open up 'Terminal' and type the following (with variations as to exactly where you installed CMRT):

cd /Applications/'CM Red Thunder'   (press 'return')

./'Activate New Products - CMRT.sh'  (press 'return' - the './' at the beginning is important)

This should hopefully bring up the activation window.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll have to try what you suggested in the future as I got it working a different way.

I was helping a friend and had to resolve this right away as he lives in another city and getting together is a challenge. After an hour of mucking about in terminal, looking at the activation script and trying  to piece together why it isnt working, I realized that it needed to game file to be in a particular folder structure. So I moved the game file to where it needed to be, pasted the script into terminal and it ran successfully. 

Bigger issue is that the script doesn’t seem to work. I was able to do it but many people will be frustrated and unable to make it work. 

I’ll have to check Mantis and see if there is a bug filed, and if not, report it. 

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