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Are we there yet.....No.

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Put this in the general discussion forum, might as well repost here.

Never mind speculating about a new engine, been waiting what is it five years now? and we don't even have snow in CMRT....Offt seriously getting hacked off. And what will the CMRT module give us...ss, Luftwaffe, just a different uniform. Some obscure late war German vehicles, (lot's of scope there} and a couple of tanks for the Soviets . Also considering that urban combat is the weakest part of the engine, and that's being generous. I think a massive map of Berlin falls into the "why" box . Oh and at last but not least...snow on the eastern front, yup great idea but in the words of Neil Young's Ohio  "should have been done long ago" .  Sorry but if that's what is offered after what a 5/6 year wait, then the timeframe needs to be redrawn. Now over to the fanboys...you know who you are.. well we do.


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