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Ok, there use to be a Screensaver site called FreeScreensavers.com, but went defunk a few years ago since it had too much Malware, etc

I had several of their Screensavers (anywhere from Halloween to X-Mas, etc) on my Older PC & Laptop for several years, then decided to delete, because of the Malware issues. Then, figured I would try to download again, but they are no more.

I've since used screensavers from other sites, but I really missed those Screensavers from FreeScreensavers.com

If anyone has Screensavers from this site, then let me know...

Thanks, Joe

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You can google images to find suitable images using your choice of key words > Tools > set to large (hi-res) 


Then open images into an image editor to crop / resize etc into the format for your desktop screen size


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Hey Wicky,

Yeah, I already did that, but know for sure that the Website is defunked...I was just wondering if anyone here on the forums might have these Screensavers on their HD's.

Thanks thou...

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