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One very brave Marine

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Gustafson’s MRAP was quickly struck by an RPG that ripped through the hull and exploded inside. The blast shredded his lower leg and sent an inferno up through the turret, where he was manning the mounted M240B machine gun.

Despite the gruesome injury, Gustafson resumed firing while another Marine, Lance Cpl. Cody Comstock, simultaneously applied a tourniquet to his battered leg.

After nearly melting the barrel from sending over 400 rounds toward enemy positions, Gustafson finally acquiesced to the requests of other Marines to tend to his wounds when he swapped his place in the turret with another Marine.

“Sorry guys, I can’t keep going,” he reportedly said as he was finally pulled from the gun.



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Heroic behavior.  At first I thought he woulda gotten the MOH.  Then I realized that MOH was reserved for soldiers who consciously put themselves in mortal danger - as opposed to finding themselves in mortal danger and then reacting heroically instead of doing something sensible to save their skin.

However, Chapman was posthumously awarded MOH cos he got left behind in Op Anaconda (and knowing what AlQaeda would do to him, had to fight until he was killed).


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