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Panicked halftrack passengers should stop manning the gun

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20 hours ago, DMS said:

Yes, some corrections of armoured infantry behaviour would be great. I read that Germans tended to fight mounted when they could (to follow tanks). When they could = when there is no AT guns. But... In the game they are usually got shot, panic, start to turn while gunner is exposed... Schutzen raise too high if you command to unbutton. Not like in this picture!


I noticed that something similar to this happened to me in Black Sea and Shock Force. Guys in the back of Strykers or BTRs would peak out carefully from armoured tops, but could also take pot shots at bad guy dudes.

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On 9/29/2018 at 4:29 PM, General Jack Ripper said:

That picture in no way represents reality.

Well, when you read German memoirs... :) Senger-und-Etterlin, for example. Though he commanded light APC, they are more numerous, faster and more dangerous. 1 platoon - 10 halftracks, if I am not mistaken. Enemy gun can kill only 4-6 men in worst case, not 8-10. And that 4 men have more space.

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