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Am I the only one ?

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5 hours ago, ncc1701e said:

To check every day if SF2 is out. Looks like my Christmas gift is in advance this year.

At my age, it should not happen. I am like a kid waiting 🎅😃

"I don't want to grow-up, I'm a Toys'R'Us, Kid"...Oh Wait, it no longer exists...NOOOooo !

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5 hours ago, Sequoia said:

There was a mention about 3 weeks ago of at least more screen shots to be forthcoming. I hope that will still happen.

There are new screenshots...for the british!

(or I couldn' t see them before....)


Greetings, alex


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1 hour ago, Rujasu said:

Official site says they're aiming to release the full game no later than end of this month.

But their aim is...well, let's just say I wouldn't be inclined to let Steve shoot an apple off my head.



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12 minutes ago, Vikingo said:

Another sad and boring weekend?

Not at all, I am playing CMSF1 scenario meanwhile.

One of my US squads discovers Uncons hidden in a trench.
Firefight of course.
Then, I saw one of the Uncons doing the move to throw a grenade.
I said internally 'oh my ...'
But, at this exact moment, the Uncon guy was touched by a bullet and the grenade went onto the ground.
Explosion, two more bad guys out...

Boring? no. Entertaining? completely. 😃

End of september is not yet there. They have still time to polish the beast... 🎅

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